Miami Herald Article on KLX Aerospace Solutions

31 July 2017

Miami Herald Article on KLX Aerospace Solutions

On 28 July, 2017 the Miami Herald published the article below on KLX Aerospace Solutions.

Need a new ball bearing for your 737? Call KLX Aerospace

When you fly in a commercial jet or private plane, it’s likely that some parts on the aircraft — rivets and high-tech screws, landing gear lamps or ball bearings — have been supplied by Miami-based KLX Aerospace Solutions.

“We are the world’s leader in stocking and supplying parts and equipment for the aerospace industry and we have about 6,000 customers,” said John Cuomo, vice president and general manager of KLX Aerospace Solutions, the most important division of Wellington-based KLX Inc., a publicly traded company. “We don’t manufacture anything, but we distribute parts to all the major airlines, aircraft manufacturers and repair and maintenance facilities.”

Customers include U.S. and foreign airlines, the military, original equipment manufacturers (like Boeing and Airbus), plus aircraft maintenance and repair facilities. The company handles thousands of orders every day, many of which are received and shipped within 24 hours.

“We stock over a million parts ready to ship and have about 3,000 suppliers globally,” Cuomo said.

Original equipment and replacement products range from a washer that costs less than one cent to a helicopter fuel tank priced at around $10,000.

Quality control is essential. “Everything that comes in the door is subject to rigorous inspection,” Cuomo said. He demonstrated a high-tech machine that was scanning thousands of specialized screws for precise specifications and tiny flaws, spitting the rejects into a bin for recycling.

A major player in South Florida’s huge aviation and aerospace industry, KLX Aerospace has more than 2,000 employees in 65 locations around the world. About 650 work in Miami, and the company is seeking applicants for the warehouse as well as for IT, finance, supply chain, sales and other departments.

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