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REMINDER: In an effort to process payments expeditiously, please ensure to submit all invoice and payment remittances to KLX Inc. We cannot accept invoices billed to KLX Aerospace Solutions.

 Transportation Guide (Revised 7/02/2015)
 DUNS Numbers & Cage Codes
 General PO Provisions (current as of December 2014)
 General PO Provisions (for purchases prior to May 2014)
 Procurement Specification (Revised 04/02/2012)
Buyer Supplier Portal (BSP) Manual(Revised 02/25/2016)
QAP 33 – Quality Clause – Rev. L (Revised 05/08/2015)
QAP 33 – Quality Clause – Rev. M (Revised 08/02/2016)
 Final Inspection Document Checklist (Revised 12/29/14)
 UTAS (Hamilton Standard) NDT Test Stamp Quick Reference Guide

Quality Alerts

This section contains important notifications and quality-related alerts pertinent to our business and industry.

 American Metal Supply Notification
 Honeywell SPOC Requirements

Export Classification Information

This section contains forms that comply with applicable U.S. Government export control regulations.

 QAF-172 Export Control Classification Form - (Revised 09/13/2016)
 QAF-172-1 Export Control Classification Form (Add’l Wkst) (Revised 09/13/2016)